20 for 2020

20 things you would like to accomplish for 2020

Being an Empath/Healer- In A Heavy World

Good Afternoon Yall, I hope you are enjoy this Fall day wherever you are- here in Kansas it is still quite warm but that doesn’t stop this gal from putting up that fall décor and lighten them pumpkin candles…. you know what I’m saying- I love fall a latte – pumpkin spice latte that is….

The Day You Plant The Seed- Is NOT The Day You Eat The Fruit

Good Afternoon People, I hope this dryer weather finds you able to enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine. My garden sure has appreciated all this sun as you may recall it was under water due to our extremely floody spring and early summer. With some early morning care and a little sweat it is starting to not look…

Monday Motivation- LET’SS GOOOO

Good Afternoon Beautiful People, I was searching for some Monday Motivation and stumbled on a Tony Robbins video and in it contained such a calling assignment. It’s an assignment I of course started immediately writing as many powerful sentences as fast as my hands could scribble some-what-legibly.  I thought it was so powerful that I wanted…

We GOT PAID To Lose Weight

Good Afternoon Beautiful People. We are 12 days into this shopping ban … and the hubby and I recently.. returned from a vacation- the irony.   However, please pause here to allow me to share some back story. If you read my previous post ‘A Year of Less: Day One’ you know that I (and the spouse) are going…