When Less Becomes More

Is your home a place of solitude, rest, and a source of relaxation or is it full of clutter, reminders of jobs to be done, and a source of stress and overwhelm?

20 for 2020

20 things you would like to accomplish for 2020

The Next Right Thing

Oh Friends… Romans… Countrymen.. It has been far too long since I’ve wrote to thee.. Some updates:   I have taken a social media sabbatical during the holiday season: and truthfully .. a month in.. a life offline seems to better benefit my mental health-  I struggle with seasonal depression or also known as Seasonal affective…

I Got My Husband Back— And Then Some

Good Morning Beautiful People. It’s fall – and I’m here for this fall weather! I wanted to write this particular post today.. However, to be honest: I’m not sure really where to start.. So I guess I’ll start at the beginning: I married this man 7 1/2 years ago. and within the year of us saying…