A Life That Feels Good On the Inside- Not Just Looks Good On The Outside

Good Afternoon Beautiful People-

The sun is shining and the positive vibes are vibing’.

It has been a hot minute since I have had a new post so please remember: look past my grammatical errors and perhaps words that aren’t exactly what you call words … if you catch my ‘vibing‘   (you see what I did there?)

I don’t have to explain my absence – but in honor of being real.. I will.

I have a love-hate relationship with social media and all it’s counterparts.  I love writing,  I love sharing my writing, and I love reading and seeing the things going on in loved ones lives:  but what I notice about myself thanks to my practice of being super self aware of all my awesome talents.. and also ALL my bullshit… is that sometimes I get caught up in showing the magical parts of my life- the good angles— the non-snotty nose pictures of my littles- and while those are real and not fabrications of my life — they are also only.. parts of my life : not the whole picture

When on the inside .. at times throughout the years with trauma and general life/wife/parenting trails and tribulations there have been parts where I have battled depression, substance abuse, checking out when life gets hard, and so many other self-sabotaging behavior … that I now have a daily practice of checking in and asking myself ‘ Does my life feel as good on the inside as it looks on the outside?’   and when that answer is ‘No’ for too many days in a row.. I unplug .. I deactivate .. I delete apps.. and I focus on the view of my life from my eyes– instead of from yours…  and make it a point to like my view above all else- above you pressing ‘like’ on facebook.

There are some lucky folks out there who are moderators : and then there are people like myself who are abstainers…  meaning there are you assholes out there who can have one piece of chocolate and walk away, one glass of wine and call it a night, or post one picture and then put your phone down and go about your life… I’m only kidding when I call you an asshole Miss-One-&-Done Lays Potato Chip eater–  I’m just jealous- and your just half an asshole really… because there are people like me– who fall into the camp of– I’m going to eat the whole package of dark chocolate individually wrapped bite size pieces…..or I will have zero — zilch– none- zip.  I will have the whole bottle of wine never needing a stopper in my life.. or I will not have a single drop…

This is why I have decided to go through the rest of my life … sober (2 months and counting whoop whoop) no longer purchasing chocolate beside a single serving.. a hard rule of no caffeine after 10 am… and why I unplug and deactivate social media when I feel I’m lacking the sparkle – the sunshine filter – or unable to spot the joy or reach over and easily find the good in my life- – vs what the highlight-real that is social media you beautiful people are presented on your screens.

Meditation has helped me become super aware and present.. so in my minor social media retreat I have plunged into this along with daily gratitude.  Something I  have noticed from this practice that it is a game changer is to trade your expectations for appreciations.  Can you imagine the world we would live in if everyone traded their expectations for appreciations?   It is when we expect things that we wind up hurt, disappointed, angry, anxious, or sad when they do indeed not work out vs treating daily minuet every day life things as magical, appreciated, and grateful for all these things we can easily take for granted like our health, loved ones, hot water, the internet, or a sunny day.

Today I’m grateful for you readers who choose to show up and hopefully leave a little bit better than my writing found you.to do list

Hugs from my little man on Mother’s Day telling me I’m his ‘superhero’.


Discovering New Hippie Recipes :  2 tablespoon yogurt 1 minute seeped green tea bag continents two times a week leaving my skin bomb.com

face mask00

Our newly remodeled laundry room that looks Pinterest Perfect-



After: but spoiler alert— hubby and I fought nearly the whole time hanging the shelves on what constitutes level thanks to our house being built in 1901 and when remodeled was squared from the ceiling down vs properly done from the floor up.

after laundry picture.jpg

And finally… I’m grateful for my coffee with my homemade vanilla cinnamon ghee..

and love every single sip I get— that is until I’m cut off at 10 am. ha ha


That’s all until next time.






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