How to Save Money on Halloween (Or Any Holiday)

Holy November-  how did that happen- wasn’t it just summer time?

It is indeed fall weather though- which is my fav.


The kiddos have just come off their detox withdraw from candy after they indulged in a hardcore binge Halloween night.  It was a long enough period to keep Hershey in business- but short enough to prohibit hubby and I from loosing our marbles.

October 31st comes 3-4 days before my favorite type of holiday(s).


75% off day.  I heart them.  I live for them.  I call Walmart to see if they have arrived- yup true story.  I love Clearance 75% off Holidays.

Before I share some tips about how to score big- let me caution you with:

Do not buy anything you wouldn’t use – even if it’s cheap.  That $1 yoga ball at a garage sale is a great deal. However- if  you never use it- it was still a dollar wasted.

So use this approach when embarking on Holiday Clearance shopping.  When I first started buying holiday items this way- I hadn’t perfected my thrifting’ craft yet.  I bought lots of things I didn’t use (candycorn cupcake liners even though I don’t bake, large plastic pumpkins that take up two whole trash bags and half a shelf in the husbands domain- the garage- and many things with small parts I would loose and glitter that I would spread). I would donate these items later when I would do a massive purge fueled by minimalism and caffeine.

Okay now that I’ve cautioned you lets forge on..

Saving Money Tip Numbero Uno:  This is a good way to purchase costumes if your kiddos like to play ‘dress up’.


Hulk Smash! (said dramatically matching my kids enthusiasm) This super hero came to $3.75 a super savings from the original $15 amount.  A plus with buying it at a massive discount is if your kids are hard on things- and by that I mean- if they are kids– you wont have to cry yourself to sleep if the items get torn or hear yourself say ‘be careful with that mask’ .  You can instead just soak up watching your kiddos imagination unfolding little by little- because after all they are only little for a little while.

I’ve also been told Santa likes to bring costumes for Christmas to good little girls and boys to play dress up… and if I know anything about that guy- I think he is probably living under his means as well -and saving for his summer beach vacation.


If you have kiddos that don’t hardly ever change their minds: (do such children exist???)  you could also buy a kiddos costume in the size they would be in the next year and store it in your Halloween bin.  It would be brand spanken new and ready to break out to wear trick or treating- but let’s just say that’s never worked out in my house.

‘Cats are soooo last year mom’.  – get it — last year- because I bought it last year- I know.. I’m punny and she’s a terd!


But I love her!


Saving Money Tip Number 2:  Think outside of the box. Unlucky enough (lucky enough) I live my life outside of the box- so I’ve always been able to think of some off the wall stuff.  For example:


Succulents in a skull planter: might be considered Halloween items to a store.  However, you could place them in your windowsill all year long given the right coordination of colors.


The black and white checkered pillow was considered fall clearance, but it could be a paired with a red Christmas themed pillow.

Saving Money Tip Number 3:  Consider other people.   Huh?  I.E.  Think GIFTS!  My moms birthday is mid October- and she loves fall- coincidence I think not.  Every year part of her gift is something I got the previous year during fall clearance sales- anything from pumpkin towels, cider donut candles, décor signs, or anything else I think will strike her fancy.

PS. Mom please act surprise when you get this door mat next year- Happy Birthday from your favorite (only) daughter for $2.47.


Saving Money Tip Number 4:  Keep your eyes on the prize Gurllll.   Translation:  At checkout watch every item being scanned- many times at least one or more items you are buying at clearance aren’t market properly discounted or at all –and if you aren’t paying attention you could be paying full price which defeats the whole purpose of waiting to buy things on clearance.  Don’t be afraid to speak up- cashiers are used to things being marked wrong and can easily fix them.

Saving Money Tip Number 5:  This tip will have an entire dedication post in December after Christmas Clearance Sales- but I’ll give you the short answer now: Organize a good storage strategy.  Halloween window cling stickers for $.24 are awesome- unless you find them in the Christmas bin when you go to decorate your tree.

…and last but not least Saving Money Tip Number 6:  You’ve thought of others- you’ve thought of your littles- don’t forget to think about yourself.


Photo courtesy of Hulk Smash – my almost 6 year old.

Yes I’m a hippie… and yes ‘I’m (always) Cold’.

It was my first time- that I’m aware of -putting on a wig- and obviously it was a bad hair day and I hadn’t parted it perfectly-  but the point- get something for you, for your home, or anything that would make your beautiful hippy-soul happy.

That’s all until next time.


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